Full Moon Party 2016 Hotels

Full Moon Party Dates 2012. Fullmoon 2012 Schedule for Haad Rin Beach Party Every Month on Koh Phangan

Full Moon Party Hotels
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Pirates Bar Party

Songkran Water Festival

Drop In Club Resort
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Coco Hut Beach Resort
The Best Party Village on Koh Phangan!
Only 5 Min Walk to Full Moon Party.

Full Moon Party Dates 2012
Sunday 08, January
Tuesday 07, February
Thursday 08, March
Friday 06, April
Saturday 05, May
Tuesday 05, June
Tuesday 03, July
Saturday 04, August
Saturday 01, September
Sunday 30, September
Tuesday 30, October
Wednesday 28, November
Tuesday 25, December
Friday 28, December
Monday 31, December

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For 2013 Dates visit our schedule information
Xmas 2012 Party Date
Tuesday 25, December 2012:
Christmas Party

New Year 2013 Party Date
Monday 31 December 2012:
New Year Party
Tuesday 01 January 2013:
New Year After Party

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Rin Beach Resort
Haad Rin Sunset Beach Phangan.
Walk to Full Moon Party. 5% Discount!
Neptune's Villa Haad Rin
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Only 5 Minutes Walk. Best Prices Available!

Paradise Bungalows

Paraside Bungalow

The original Full Moon Party bungalows - the place where it all started - you don't get any closer to the action that here.

Prices from 1,800 Baht per night
Minimum Stay 5 nights
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Drop In Club Resort

Drop In Club Resort

The ultimate party zone! Regular pool parties and promotions from the now famous Drop In Club Bar crew.

Prices from 1,070 Baht per night
Minimum Stay 5 nights
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Starlight Haadrin Resort

Starlight Haadrin Resort

On sunset beach - just 15 minutes walk to the Full Moon Party - a cheaper option and close enough to enjoy the party.

Prices from 800 Baht per night
Minimum Stay 5 nights
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Our advice is don't be tempted by drugs; this island has had a bad reputation for a long time and the open taking of drugs is not tolerated. Thailand has also had a crackdown and the police are very hot on stopping the problem. The days are gone when you could buy your way out for a few dollars and the penalties in Thailand are harsh to say the least - expect a hefty fine and possibly an extended jail term if caught.

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